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DENNIS ANYONE? with Dennis Hensley

Welcome to Dennis Anyone, a podcast about making things up and making things happen. I love to talk to creative types about what they do and how they do it. Hope you enjoy my conversations as much as I do. - Dennis H.

Jun 30, 2022

Dennis is joined via Zoom by Alex Liu, the co-director and star of the documentary A Sexplanation, in which he attempts to right the wrongs of his sorely inadequate American sex education by going on the road and talking with psychologists, sex researchers—and even a Jesuit priest. Alex talks about the shame and anger he felt for years around sex, hanging out with "sex nerds" at the Kinsey Institute and what it was like to masturbate on camera in an MRI machine for the film. Other topics include: Porn Hub search results, nudism, how the film brought him closer to his parents, which countries are doing it right in terms of sex education and being called out by his mother as a sloppy teen masturbator.