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DENNIS ANYONE? with Dennis Hensley

Welcome to Dennis Anyone, a podcast about making things up and making things happen. I love to talk to creative types about what they do and how they do it. Hope you enjoy my conversations as much as I do. - Dennis H.

May 15, 2015

Dennis welcomes playwright Howie Skora to his home and the booth of truth to discuss Howie's new play "Miserable with an Ocean View," which debuts June 6th in Los Angeles. Howie discusses the origins of the play, his decision to mount it himself, and the mysterious clown character played by former podcast guest Drew Droege. Howie also recalls starting out as a stand-up comic in New York alongside Jon Stewart, Louis CK and Sarah Silverman, entering a bodybuilding contest, quitting his corporate gym managing job to devote more time to his writing, and shares a snake story that will blow your mind. Other topics include the documentary he made about gay punk rocker Nick Name, the film he wrote about the AIDS Ride The Unknown Cyclist, the answering machine message he listened to over and over and the dirty note that was left on his car outside of Hugo's restaurant.