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DENNIS ANYONE? with Dennis Hensley

Welcome to Dennis Anyone, a podcast about making things up and making things happen. I love to talk to creative types about what they do and how they do it. Hope you enjoy my conversations as much as I do. - Dennis H.

Jan 18, 2024

Dennis is joined joined via Zoom by the Fab Five from the new gay webseries Open To It, which is about a happy Weho couple named Greg and Cam who decide it might be fun and exciting to open things up sexually,...and hijinks ensue. Playing the game with Dennis are writer-director-EP Frank Arthur Smith who plays Greg, EP-director Greg Wolf, EP-director Matt Hartman, actor Tim Wardell who plays Cam and actor Jason Caceres who plays Princeton the irrepressible twink who shakes things up. The questions in play are "What's something you witnessed or experienced where you thought, 'Only in Weho?' and "What's a story from your life that might make a good episode of Open To It?" The answers involve everything from fitting room hookups to dogs on the bed during sex to getting frisky in the bushes by the Abbey.

Watch Open To It at OutTV.dom and learn more at .

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