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DENNIS ANYONE? with Dennis Hensley

Welcome to Dennis Anyone, a podcast about making things up and making things happen. I love to talk to creative types about what they do and how they do it. Hope you enjoy my conversations as much as I do. - Dennis H.

Jun 17, 2019

Dennis visits the Silver Lake home of filmmaker P.J. Castellaneta to talk about the renaissance his early 90's gay indie film "Together Alone" is experiencing this summer in France...with special screenings and a re-release in theaters. He talks about shooting the film in his Hollywood apartment while working full time as a clerk at Warner Bros., how he found his actors, and why the film still resonates today. P.J. talks about his follow-up film Relax, It's Just Sex starring Jennifer Tilly, Lori Petty and Mitchell Anderson, his favorite day on the shoot, taking the film to Sundance and how making the movie almost killed him. He talks about his plans to get Together Alone on a Streaming service as well as the Frankenstein-inspired script he plans to shoot next. Other topics include: getting married at city hall in Indio, riding in an elevator with a nervous Spike Lee, his nightmare second grade teacher, wanting to live in the Tapestry album and the day Dennis and P.J. went to The Rosie O'Donnell Show in NYC.